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EEPC India

EEPC India is the premier trade and investment promotion organisation in India. It is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, and caters to the Indian engineering sector.

Membership Categories

Associate Member

A person shall be eligible for admission to the Council as associate member, on receiving the Import-¬Export Code Number from the Director General Foreign Trade, Govt. of India, in respect of the product with which the Council is concerned.

Ordinary Member

In order to be eligible for ordinary membership of the Council, a person must satisfy the following requirements, namely:

  • He, or the entity represented by him, must have been an associate member of the Council for at least three years.
  • He, or the entity represented by him, must have, to his or its credit, during the three financial years immediately preceding, average exports in respect of the product of not less than the amount mentioned below:
  • MSME Rs. 30 Lakhs
  • Others Rs. 50 Lakhs
  • On becoming eligible to become an ordinary member, it is incumbent upon the Associate member to apply to the Committee of Administration in the prescribed format expressing his willingness to become an Ordinary member

Conversion into Associate membership

According to Article 9.2 of the Articles of Association of the Council, the Committee of Administration may, after giving a member reasonable opportunity of hearing, convert the membership of an ordinary member into an associate member, if his performance as an exporter of the product has, during the financial years immediately preceding, been below the average mentioned.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate Membership accommodates applicants dealing in products particularly which are non-engineering items according to their HS codes but are closely associated with the engineering sector.

Membership Benefits

  • Avail worldwide infrastructure of the EEPC India – serving the exporting community for the last 50 years.
  • Get visa assistance on business visits abroad.
  • Receive weekly magazine through e-mail which covers global tenders, projects, live enquiries, govt. notifications, market reports, forex rates, steel prices, etc. at free of cost.
  • Receive live Trade Leads & Tenders by e-mail.
  • Get the worldwide coverage of Indian Engineering Sector through EEPC India’s website by hosting / hyper-linking your website.
  • Avail various Government Export Promotional schemes and assistance.
  • Participate in World Class Exhibitions organised by the Council and also get assistance in participating in other events through EEPC India.
  • Get the latest statistical information on India’s exports and imports and also on World’s Imports and Exports for your products.
  • Avail free assistance on export financing with various institutions and banks.
  • EEPC India acts as an interface with the Government to avail incentives quickly.
  • Get professional advice on Quality, Standards and Technology Requirements.
  • Last but not least, become a part of FIRST 9001:2008 Certified Organization in the Country especially, for design & execution of exhibition Management Services across the globe.

Membership Fee

Slab From Slab To Subscription Fees
0.00 <=30.00 Rs. 5,000.00
>30.00 <=60.00 Rs. 8,000.00
>60.00 <=100.00 Rs. 13,000.00
>100.00 <=500.00 Rs. 21,000.00
>500.00 <=1000.00 Rs. 23,000.00
>1000.00 <=2500.00 Rs. 25,000.00
>2500.00 <=5000.00 Rs. 30,000.00
>5000.00 <=10000.00 Rs. 35,000.00
>10000.00 <=100000.00 Rs. 45,000.00
Admission Fees : Rs. 2000
Additional Panel Charge For Non MSME : Rs. 3000
Additional Panel Charge For MSME : Rs. 1500

For Affiliate Member

Slab From Slab To Subscription Fees
- - Rs. 2,500.00
Admission Fees : Rs. 1500

For Nominated Member

Slab From Slab To Subscription Fees
- - Rs. 10,000.00
Admission Fees : Rs. 0